Our vision

The ocean freight- market is in a constant flux. It demands flexible, all-round solutions coupled with reliable performances.

… where shipping is more than just business!

We improve our operational-processes permanently – supporting our customers with the best logistic solutions

We strive for an optimal, individual problemsolution – efficient, effective and professional

We extend our international presence and cooperate with selected logistic partners


Worldwide logistics made to perfection in every aspect!

SST is your powerful partner for global  transportation. We offer a high level of competence as well as comprehensive and thorough knowledge of all logistics processes. SST can implement innovative and individual solutions to suit your needs.

It takes a whole sequence of processes, which are synchronized like cogwheels, to ensure the punctual delivery of your freight. SST is constantly refining the parameters for the benefit of its customers.

SST has the experience and vision to accomplish customer-specific transportation processes, to ensure they are transparent at all times, whether by sea or by land.

SST is itself named after the three central pillars of logistics: System – Shipping – Transport