Logistic Software

Do you have high demands on the flexibility and transparency throughout the supply chain? We also!

Growing pressure and rising customer demand for a deeper transparent supply chain call for a fuller range of services. We offer you clear advantages through a seamless supply chain management system from CargoSoft.

This SCM solution, CargoSoft GLA, is based on an integrated, lean and flexible concept that synchronizes processes and caters to the requirements of all supply chain participants. It uses the latest Internet technology to optimize and integrate the various transport processes and existing ERP systems to produce a collaborative
supply chain platform.

This enables seamless, transparent process monitoring for everyone involved – from the moment an order is placed with the supplier to when the end consumer receives the goods. 


Your benefit with CargoSoft SCM:

· Order Monitoring & Shipment Tracking
· Event and discrepancy handling
· Early-warning system for deviations in the supply chain (proactive reports)
· Reduced costs thanks to process optimization and use of the latest Internet technology
· Item status, transport overview
· Data can be easily transferred to any format at a mouse click
· Shorter processing times thanks to shared data pool
· Great flexibility thanks to scalable technologies and services
· Enhanced customer satisfaction thanks